Cling On! Brush F50

Cling On! Brush F50

Cling On! F50 is the largest brush in the Cling On! Flat range. F50 is the ideal size to complete a flat large project quick.

A good brush is the best investment you can make when painting! Cling On! brushes are a soft synthetic filament, designed to minimise shedding and hold the shape of the bristles. Enjoy the excellent paint pick up, coverage, sharp cutting in, a smooth, flawless and brush stroke free finish!

Let your Cling On! brush absorb some water before using it for the first time. Spin the handle between your hands for a few seconds to remove the water. This will perfectly prepare your bush for use.

Cling On! brushes are quite unique, they are designed to be kept wet in between use. Suspend the tips of your brush in water, without the filament tips touching the bottom, making sure the brushes only get "their feet wet". The water should be changed regularly.

We highly recommended using Fusion Brush Soap to clean your brush after every use. This will condition and leave your bush looking and feeling new every time!