A New Day Petite Decor Transfer

A New Day Petite Decor Transfer

  • Sheet Size:             30cm x 30cm
  • No of Pieces:         1
  • How to apply your transfer
  • 1. Hokus Pokus Petite Decor Transfers are highly-detailed and can be used on wood, painted furniture, glass, mirrors and many other smooth surfaces.
  • 2. The desired surface needs to be clean and dry. Freshly painted surfaces need AT LEAST 24 – 48 hours to dry completely. Thereafter your project must be sealed with at least a single  layer of a good quality waterbased sealant and allowed 24 hours to dry completely before applying your transfer.
  • 3. The transfers are pressure sensitive. When removing the transfer from the packaging, handle it with care.
  • 4. Each transfer consists of 2 sheets: The waxy backing paper and the printed transfer film.
  • 5. Our transfers comes with a loose wax backing paper, which does not stick to or damage the print.
  • 6. Cut out the elements you want to use before removing the wax backing paper.
  • 7. When applying your transfer, tape down the edges to ensure that the design stays in place.
  • 8. Working from the top to the bottom, rub off the design using the enclosed transfer tool. Gently lift the transfer film to confirm that the entire design has been transferred.
  • 9. Use a clean dry cloth to smooth out the edges making sure that the whole transfer has completely adhered to you project. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 3 x Sheets – Size 30cm x 30cm      (11.8” x 11.8”) Transfer & 1 x Transfer Tool