"Bubbles Over Troubles" Plush Champagne Bottle
"Bubbles Over Troubles" Plush Champagne Bottle

"Bubbles Over Troubles" Plush Champagne Bottle

No flat personality here! No matter if you’re celebrating or trying to cheer someone up, this champagne plushie is here to remind you that bubbles really do make everything better. The gold accents, metallic pom-pom cork, and soft fabric will really make it sparkle no matter where it’s displayed.

Measures Approximately : 10cm x 10cm x 22cm.

Punchkins™ are a line of giftable, collectible plushies that speak your mind with a pun-tastic punchline. They’re a premium feeling pick-me-up, get-well present, swap gift, or finishing touch for the family coffee table. While Punchkins may feel like the plushies you held as a child, that’s where the similarities end. Their themes range from fun and lighthearted to mischievous adult content (and everywhere in between). 

● An ultra-soft, free-standing plush with an embroidered funny pun-chline!
● Just the right amount of attitude.
● Makes a great gift, collectible, or decoration.
● Premium plush feels smooth to the touch.
● Weighted bottoms allow Punchkins to sit upright.